NoBull Vintage is proud to present... An Artisan Affair.

NoBull Vintage is the proud host of an open air market event called An Artisan Affair which will benefit the YMCA ABC (After Breast Cancer) program and Wig Bank. NoBull Vintage is a local small business founded by people who have been devastated by cancer. Through the struggle of our own family, NoBull Vintage discovered a way to incorporate community, small business, and local artisans in our fight against cancer. An Artisan Affair was born simply from the yearning desire to help the community and those affected by cancer. An Artisan Affair is a gathering of wonderfully talented local artists, craftsmen, DIYers, and volunteers coming together to share their talents through an open air market. The event will take place at 900 N. Maney Ave. in Murfreesboro, TN at Oaklands Historic House Museum. on The second weekend in  June 2015. There, the market is expected to support more than 40+ vendors selling their art, antique, vintage & painted furniture, and other handmade goods. An Artisan Affair will have a silent auction of which the sponsors and vendors have donated sellable items for NoBull Vintage to auction off to the highest bidder. One hundred percent of the silent auction proceeds will go directly to this year’s benefactor, The YMCA ABC Program & Wig Bank. We are asking businesses and vendors to partner with NoBull Vintage in an effort to raise money. Here is where the public can be of tremendous support. You can participate as a vendor or business sponsor, or just plan on being a shopper. Bring your friends and your trucks with trailers to haul away your new found treasures

What: An Artisan Affair is going to be a fun family atmosphere that will evoke the support of the community. The event will support small business and local vendors by allowing consumers to purchase goods directly from the artists.

When: The event is scheduled to take place the second weekend June 2015. Exact dates and times TBA.

Where: An Artisan Affair is being held at 900 N. Maney Ave. in Murfreesboro, TN at “Oaklands Historic House Museum”. Oakland Historic House Museum is just off the Mufreesboro Square. The venue also hosts weddings, parties, conferences, and many other indoor and outdoor events.

Why: NoBull Vintage has vowed to stand up for the fight against cancer and. NoBull Vintage has witnessed many families including our own that have been devastated by cancer. There are many ways to fight back. NoBull Vintage does it in a way to help the local community, small businesses, local artists, and families touched by cancer, can all come together to help.

Come out in June 2015 to see the wonderful gifts and art created by the talented artisans from around the community.
Please visit the website for more information. For a personal explanation please feel free to email Hope to see everyone in June at Oaklands Historic House Museum at 900 N. Maney Ave. in downtown Murfreesboro, TN. Bring a truck and trailer, see you there.If you have any questions feel free to email at


An Artisan Affair