Here we have complied the most common questions and answered them in our FAQ page. Cant find waht you are looking for? Email us and we will get you the answer.

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We are but a humble family trying to help those in need and better our community. Click below to read more about our goings on.

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Our sponsers are not only businesses but other families that have been touched by cancer. Anyone can give, but it takes special people to come together to help. Download the packet to find out how you can be a part.

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From handmade jewelry to snuggly quilts, metal crafts to homemade recipies, there are so many types of vendors that participate. Check out the list of the 2015 artisans. Check often the list is always growning.




We have compiled some answers to the most common questions.

Let's start out with some background info.


What is a Barn Sale?

The term barn Sale originated from people simply opening their barns to their creative friends to set up and sell their handmades & homegrowns along with a few antiques and vintage wares, to the locals. It has since become quite the phenomenon. It has given many owners of barns that have long since been out of use a reason to bring them back to life. Promoters of events are in search of barn settings to host these growingly sought after events. Barn Sales have gone from 10 or 15 vendors in a barn selling there handmade wares to anywhere from 30 to 300 vendors sprawled across acres of land. For An Artisan Affair, vendors come from all over, selling high end pieces of original art, locally homegrown produce, honey and milk, architectural salvaged pieces of yester year, antiques, repurposed vintage furniture, handmade soaps and jewelry, all things knitted, crocheted, and sewn, one of a kind handmade lamps and lighting, the list can go on. Craftsmen of all creative aspects choose barn sales to showcase their unique pieces. Carpenters, Welders, and Seamstresses alike will be among you at these eclectic events. A “barn sale” is so much more than just a sale. It is an event. It’s a place to come, bring your friends and family and spend the day. Among the glorious shopping you’ll find food from local caterers, restaurants, and food trucks, serving up delicious eats all weekend long. While your grabbing a bite you are sure to be entertained with music, whether it be streaming through speakers scattered amongst you, a simple man and his guitar, or a full on band atop a stage overlooking the event, music has become a significant part of the “barn sale” atmosphere. “Barn Sale” has become a term used loosely. Since the original concept, many like An Artisan Affair, have taken it to other venues creating an array of opportunity for communities far and wide to take part in this experience. If you hear the term “Barn Sale” I hope this will give you an idea of what that means, but remember it may also be coined as a Makers Market, a Pop-Up Sale, a Producer Only Pop-Up, or Vintage Market. What it is not; it is not a craft fair, it is not a flea market, it is not a yard sale. Respectable “Barn Sales” are juried events, meaning not all who apply are accepted. This ensures quality of products and display and prevents saturation of products in any particular category. Most like An Artisan Affair, put a high emphasis on the display of goods as well. Starting in March these “Barn Sales” and Markets will be in abundance weekend after weekend taking a small break in the summer only to arise again in the fall. These are exquisite events with each pushing the next to grow and evolve. An Artisan Affair was derived from a barn sale but is now taking place on the grounds of Oakland’s Historic House Museum just off the square in downtown Murfreesboro, TN. I began this journey as a way to support a cause near and dear to my family’s heart. An Artisan Affair allows us to support small business and raise funds and awareness for local cancer charities. There is always live music and great southern fare. We strive to have something for everyone, so while dad may be enjoying the live music while sipping a local artisan beverage, mom can do some shopping, and the kids can grab a balloon animal or get their face painted. The secret here is if you see it and you like it, you better get it! If you think to long someone else will snatch it up. Remember most things you find at these sales are one of a kind or very hard to come by, that is one of the major draws to these events. Everyone wants something unique that no one else has or maybe it appeals because you can find the cool thing from grandma’s attic that brings back those warm fuzzy feelings. Whether its food, music, or nostalgia, you’re sure to have a great time no matter your age. If you’d like to know more about barn sales visit the website or like the Facebook page


Vendor FAQ

Who can apply to be a vendor?

Anyone can apply to be a vendor. We encourage everyone to apply, whether you are a beginner who has never done a show, or a professional veteran. We are always looking for new and creative artisans of all walks of life. We are a handmade and small business market place and we pride ourselves on high quality handmade goods and one of a kind artisan crafts, which means we host vendors that are… growers of fresh local produce seamstresses who sew their own quilts, textiles, and clothing and more jewelry makers artists of original paintings and mixed media wood workers welders collectors and pickers of antique and vintage items rehabbers of the old and forgotten builders of new, creative, and unique items home and garden DIYers small business owners of boutique style trendy, vintage, local, and handmade clothing & accessories.

How are vendors chosen?

An Artisan Affair is a juried event. All applications that are submitted will be reviewed and vendors will carefully be chosen based upon the fit and need of the particular vendor’s wares. We strive to offer quality goods without over saturating any certain area. Application does not guarantee acceptance, and all applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it is important to apply as soon as possible.

How do I apply?

Vendors are required to submit a complete application along with photos which reflect your current inventory and creativity. Pictures are impeccable to acceptance, so please choose your submission photos carefully. It is important to note that your photo submissions will be used in advertising, on our social media sites, and website. We have an Online and Printable application options on our website at

How does the vendor benefit?

An Artisan Affair knows the value of their vendors and wants to ensure you benefit from choosing to add our event to your show schedule. Selected Vendors will not only have the opportunity to come together with other artisans and expose the public to their unique merchandise, they will also have the following options: • A promotional day devoted to them by An Artisan Affair social media websites. • Postcards available upon request for Shop Display or Sharing During other Shows/Events • Business name listed in An Artisan Affair Program booklet handed out to every ticket purchasing patron • Option to buy a discounted ad in An Artisan Affair Program booklet handed out to every ticket purchasing patron • Full Listing on the An Artisan Affair Website (includes ALL Vendor contact information) • Professionally Designed Graphics for use on your Social Media and Website to promote the event. • Option to pre-purchase meals to have delivered to you during each day of the event. • Volunteers will be available throughout the event to assist with set-up, questions, concerns, & quick moments you need away from your tent.

Can I participate if I am in direct sales or a multi-level marketing company?

Although An Artisan Affair does not host direct sale or multi-level marketing vendors at this time, we do however, believe in, and fully support small business. There are other ways your small business can benefit from this event. We are currently selling ads in An Artisan Affair 2015 program booklet. This booklet will be handed out to every vendor, volunteer and ticket purchaser. Due to traffic from previous events we expect to see 2500+ patrons over the course of our two day event. If you would like to place an ad in our program booklet your business would be the only one from that particular line to be in the book. For example, if you are a Scentsy representative and you purchase ad space for your personal business you would be the only Scentsy representative accepted into the booklet. This insures that you benefit from your purchase. You may place the ad of your choice or an upcoming special or promotion or even a coupon it is your choice. We believe this will drive business in your direction as your ad will be among some of Murfreesboro’s most prestigious businesses and community members. We believe this program booklet will be something people hold on to and call back on throughout the year. Below are our ad sizes and cost options. Size Cost o Quarter Page (2.5” X 4.25”) $75 o Half Page (4.25” X 5.5”) $100 o Full Page (5.5” X 8.5”) $200 o Inside Back Cover (5.5’ X 8.5”) $300 o Inside Cover (5.5” X 8.5”) $350 We also have larger sponsorship packages available for water bottles, shopping bags, t-shirts, and more. If this or any of the above options sound like something you would be interested in to help grow your small business please email us at and we will happily email you the forms. *All proceeds from your advertising purchase will go to this year’s An Artisan Affair beneficiary which is The YMCA ABC (after breast cancer) Program & Wig bank. An Artisan Affair is in no way partnered with the YMCA or the ABC Program and Wig Bank this is just our charity of choice for the 2015 An Artisan Affair event. The YMCA ABC Program affiliates are aware of our intentions and works closely with us to insure our success.

How do we promote?

An Artisan Affair is always working to spread the word. We deliver postcards, lawn signs, and flyers to local businesses for sharing with their patrons, we place ads in local newspapers and magazines. We are working diligently with local businesses, hospitals, schools, and others in our community to help sponsor us and promote the event. Radio and Television are also promotional avenues that we pursue. Last, but most certainly not least, we depend on our vendors, and volunteers to help us spread the word via social media, post cards, flyers, and word of mouth.

How will I know if I have been accepted??

Vendor applications will be reviewed upon receipt and unaccepted vendors will be notified by email or phone promptly. Any payment made will be fully refunded. Space is limited. No space will be held without receiving full payment. Fees may be paid online via Paypal or with a personal check made out to Tilina A. Hill. There will be a $50 fee for any returned check.

What types of vendor spaces are available?

12'X11' Booth Space - Indoor Covered with A/C $285.00 USD LIMITED AVAILABILITY 11'X14' Booth Space - Indoor Covered with A/C $325.00 USD LIMITED AVAILABILITY 10'X11' Booth Space - Indoor Covered with A/C $265.00 USD LIMITED AVAILABILITY 8'X9' Booth Space - Outdoor Covered Porch $185.00 USD LIMITED AVAILABILITY 10X10 Booth Space - Outdoor Pop Up Bring your own white tent $165.00 USD 10X20 Double Booth Space - Outdoor Pop Up Bring your own white tent $265.00 USD

Can I Share a Space?

Sharing booth space must be approved at the time of your application and photos will be juried separately. You must list your co-vendor when applying. Sharing a booth also has a $25 add on fee.

Do I need a permit, licenses, or insurance, to participate?

If you are a food or beverage vendor you will need to provide proof of liability insurance 30 days prior to event. If you are an adult beverage vendor you will need the appropriate license to serve those beverages.

Am I responsible for collecting sales tax?

It is up to the vendor's discretion whether sales tax applies to their item sales.

Where Can I Stay?

Oalklands Historic House Museum and An Artisan Affair recommend Embassy Suites Nashville SE-Murfreesboro Amber McKee 615.216.5357 No camping or overnight stay will be allowed on the event property.



Shopper FAQ's

Is the Sale Indoors or Outdoors?

An Artisan Affair is stated as being an open air event however, there will be indoor air conditioned spaces to shop and eat as well.

What is an open air, boutique mall styed event?

It is a gathering of unique vendors offering an eclectic variety of original art, homegrown produce, vintage goods, antique, repurposed, & handcrafted merchandise. Including everything from soap, jewelry, clothing, furniture, and more. Each artisan vendor sets up there personal area (boutique) to showcase their creativity and unique wares. They have all come together to help An Artisan Affair succeed in raising funds and awareness for a local cancer charity while being entertained by live music and enjoying delectable eats. There is always fun for the whole family.

What if it Rains?

An Artisan Affair is a rain or shine event. We put on this show to support local businesses and raise funds and awareness for local cancer charities so no matter what “THE SHOW MUST GO ON!” In the event of rain keep in mind most areas are covered so you should be able to shop in comfort. Just bring your umbrellas, throw on those rain boots and come on out. For the safety of our Vendors and Shoppers, in the event of severe weather, We do reserves the right to adjust the shopping schedule accordingly.

Do I need a ticket?

Yes. Tickets are required for entry and may be purchased at the gate or online at Eventbrite. All proceeds from presale tickets will be donated to this year’s charity of choice. There will be no refunds on pre-sale tickets. Children under the age of 12 are FREE. Tickets to the early bird preview allow re-entrance any time during the two day event. You must present your ticket at the gate for re-entry.

What forms of payment are accepted for ticket purchase?

At Eventbrite you may pay via credit card. At the door cash is preferred.

Can I Ship a Purchased Item Out of Town?

Shipping will be at the discretion of each individual vendor. Please ask for assistance at the time of purchase.

What is Early Bird Preview?

Early Bird Shopping is your opportunity to shop earlier than the general public. This is a chance for you to shop in a more intimate setting prior to the gates opening, and have first chance at the vendor offerings as well as have privy to discounted merchandise that will only be available during this time. Due to the charitable mission of this event, there will be a limited number of Early Bird Preview Tickets Available.

Are Pets Permitted?

NO. Pets are not permitted. Service animals are the only exception.

Is Smoking Allowed?

Smoking is NOT permitted on Oaklands Historic House Museum premises. There are designated areas for smoking. Please remember An Artisan Affair is a cancer charity based event. Smoking around patrons who are fighting cancer would be terribly disrespectful.

What forms of payment do vendors accept?

It is at the discretion of each vendor as to what forms of payment they will accept. All vendors will accept cash and many also take credit cards. Each vendor will display the forms of payment they accept. Please be prepared for those who do not have the ability to accept credit and debit cards on site.

Do I have to pay to park?

All parking is FREE.

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